New Mac Line Up

I've been an Apple user for quite a bit.  I am currently still using my 17in MBP and I upgraded the hard drive to a SSD (Solid State Drive 1TB) and it has done wonders.  It runs so much faster than a regular HDD and the price point for the SSDs have come down significantly. It used to be about a dollar a Gigabyte but now one fourth of the price.  Currently a Sandisk 1TB SSD is about 260, here is a link if anyone is interested. LINK 

My MBP is about 5 years? maybe a little longer.  It seems old for tech but it does the job just fine and I maybe looking into getting a 15in fully loaded so that I can utilize the newer Adobe Creative Cloud since I am still on CS6.  Thankfully Apple just came out with new news on their Mac Line up for 2017/2018.  Everyone who bought a new MBP last Nov is basically screwed since the ones coming out will have the new Kaby Lake Processors.  Link here if your interested in the processor specs. But if your not interested in more reading here's the scoop.  Better Processor = Better Performance = Faster Rendering.  This is key for a lot of the creatives out there now doing run and gun style shooting and now with a lot of cameras like the GH5 doing 4K with INSANE SLOW MO capabilities. Also not to forget the SONY line up like the a7s II. These new cameras are pushing computers to handle bigger files and more information. So processors are key. Another note is the utilization of 360/VR videos which take up an INSANE amount of photos to make those images possible.  

The new iMacs are coming out this 2017/2018 will ALL have 4K monitors and will be powerful enough to handle VR.  Those 2 factors pushed Apple to go with the new processors and finally follow the crowd.  This way you can watch all the shows you have in 4K look perfect or even when streaming so your computer can handle the data.

Me...I'll stick with my MBP 17in until it dies and/or I am forced to get a new one. It does the job and I really don't need much.  I don't have the need for 4K video since everything on the internet is compressed that unless you have a SUPER FAST internet connection and your monitor is 4K and your shooting 4K.  Anyways that is my spiel for today.  If you want to read up more on the new news on Apple.  Gizmodo is a nice place to get that. LINK

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