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New iPhone 8 News!

So I've been looking through my feed and as of late iPhone has been popping up in the news again.  The rumored iPhone 8 schematics have been leaked and since a lot of people aren't really into digging the information out for themselves and I do it anyways.  I thought I would use my searched information and give it to you in bite size pieces. I'll also link in where I get my information in hyperlinks if you guys are curious to see.

Firstly I have been an avid iPhone user since iPhone 4?5? well something like that.  Currently I have the iPhone 7+ which I chose mainly for the better camera feature.  iPhone cameras have always been awesome and reliable to what you see is what you get.  Features may have been put on later after android started with them.  But Apple has almost seamlessly integrated their software and hardware to work beautifully.  

The FIRST bit of news I saw was the change up of the back iPhone camera and full usage of the front face for the display.  From 9to5Mac they got information of schematics by Benjamin Geskin and Slashleaks of a almost bevel-less front screen and vertical orientation 2 cameras. This is most likely the usage of the newOLED that came out from Samsung's phones and the new trend of bevel-less phone screens.  But if you noticed in the images the schematics do not include a home button.

The home buttons is now removed entirely and will lead to this SECOND bit of news.  Due the the possibility of the New OLED screens the entire face maybe touch recognition. So it will not matter where you touch for you to open up your phone.  MacRumors has a nice concise read on possible new leaks and design features.  But we are only interested in the big picture of the product...well I am at least.  And again from the schematics we see still no headphone jack on the new phone so either dish out 150 bucks for the Airpods or get yourself a nice pair of blue tooth headphones or you can get yourself some iPhone Splitters from Amazon HERE.  Might as well since the headphone jack is not coming back and either way iPhone may be switching to USB-C instead of the Lightning port on the new phones too.

THIRD bit of news from The Wall Street Journal is that Apple may be getting rid of its proprietary lighting port and running with the crowd of USB-C.  This maybe a a hurrah for some and BOO~~ for others but either way we are still spending money on accessories and it does not matter to me which one or the others since I only care of convince and camera of the phone.  

And speaking of convince...Wireless charging will be coming to apple products too. Early iPhone 8 rumors are stating that due to the all glass body it will be easier for wireless charging to be implemented into the housing.  This from previous models having all body aluminum makes it harder for wireless charging to occur.

Lately and my main priority of this product is the camera.  The long awaited 7MP front facing camera might get a significant upgrade for the selfie moments!  There is talk about duel front facing camera  for the iPhone 8. So like the back of the 2 cameras being both 12MP we might get two 7MP cameras or higher resolution.  

That is all that I'm focused on and I am happy with the phone I have. The phone coming out the following year may be a tad better. Thus I will not be waiting in line to for this years purchase.  

That is all for today.

I'll see you guys in the next blog! :)

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