Let's Talk Social Media

Ok. Here's the deal.  Now a days social media is king.  We all use it. We are all on our phones. No denying it that it does work.  Everyone has at least a Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Snapchat account. (I have all the above😅)  95% of people LOVE it when their images they post get ALOT of likes.  It makes them feel happy/excited/popular.  Even today's youth, majority of them when asked about a job they want to pursue. "I want to be a Youtuber", "I want to be Instagram Famous". This shows where the trend of how the market of today's society is.  I still goto magazines and such to get ideas of how to take photos and still watch movies to get inspiration on how to shoot.  But via advertising to the masses, Social media is best.  Lots of brands are now starting up just using social media as it's bread and butter.  To just get to the point. If you want legitimacy in business now a days, You have to have a certain number of followings on Instagram, certain number of subscribers on Youtube, certain number of "Points" on Snapchat and so forth. 

With the demand of getting more followers and likes a new market emerged from that. There are APPS out in the open that you can BUY Followers and Likes.  But those are short term.  You go from having about 100-150 followers to 5-10K within matter of weeks doesn't really make any sense.  Plus your engagement will only be very small.  20-50 likes per post with a 5-10K following doesn't make sense.  Also those bots will get deleted by Instagram every so often with the purge they do every year. So your money isn't worth all that. You have to be in it for the long haul and be in it for consistency.

I read a book by Gary Vee called "Jab Jab Jab RIGHT HOOK." Mainly talks about giving value to whatever you go do. Don't be the guy/girl who right from the get go ask for stuff.  People will tend to say no right away.  You haven't given any value to that person at all and doesn't make sense for them to say yes.  Like in boxing you keep jabbing to get a feel for the person and create a connection for the right hook. It is same for business and everything in life.  You give other people value and overtime you've given so much value that they have to say yes.  Mind you don't go overboard and give too much where its a detriment to yourself. But something you can give.  Weather it be extra time you have to spend to help out a friend, conversation, and money is just a sticky situation in itself so I won't get into that.  

It is same for social media.  Give value to other people like posting their images on your page and they will post yours on theirs.  Collaborate and help each other out.  There is plenty of space on these platforms to better each other and give each other value.  People can see when people are being genuine, especially on the internet.  

So social media...its a fast form of how life works.  You be consistent at it and do your best. It will reap results. PEROID. 

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