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Tips on Photography

I'm not going to call myself an expert on Street Photography, but I looked up ALOT of articles and blogs on how to update my photography game.  One of the main sources I read up/watched was Eric Kim Photography. He recently deleted his IG so I can't put a link to the stuff he posts but he does have a Youtube Channel which he updates irregularly. He has lots of information about life in general and about photography.  

TIP #1

Take your time.  I was using my film camera for majority of my trip in Korea and I would carry 2-3 rolls of film per day trying to take in the environment around me and kind of slow down to take photos.  I got some great photos, in my opinion, and got to meet some dope people too.  But just slowing down and looking through the view finder and getting a good composition almost fishing for the image you want is kind of part of it.  Almost zen like.  This photo I got just while waiting for family members to finish their errands and just happened to be a good photo.  I just saw a cool little area and then a couple started walking by the area playing around.  It looked so natural and empty like they were in their own little world.

TIP #2

Just SHOOT.  More you get comfortable with using your gear, the more confident you will be taking photos.  You don't have to be concerned with others when taking photos in a public place.  If you get confronted then just talk to them like they are regular people instead of just ignoring them and walking away.  Majority of the time people like their photos taken and sometimes after taking one photo you can ask the person if it is ok to take their photo and majority of the time they will say yes.

This next photo I took on the subway. Compositionally I thought was cool cause it had a young man in the military looking at his phone trying to be "connected" as much as possible to the outside world while he is serving his country.  And next to him you see a older man possibly same age as his father maybe? and on the other side a women that could be same age as his mother.  They are not related I know for sure since I saw them enter and leave different stations without any conversation or acknowledgment of each other.  But this was couple stops under exposed and I wished it wasn't but that is on me.  I need to shoot more to get used to variety of situations and understanding my camera gear and lighting.

TIP #3 

Teach someone.  Teaching I believe is the best way to learn your craft.  If you know someone who is wanting to get into photography or any other craft that you share. Help them along by showing them what you know.  Don't be an a$$ and brag about what you know and correct them every single time they mess up or about to mess up.  When they have questions they will ask and you can point out cool photo opportunities that you see with your eyes to them while you take photos.  This creates a great community and allows you to enforce what you know verbally and physically.  

I met up with a friend who is way creative and does awesome drawing.  Hopefully she will pick up photography too since she was way curious on analog cameras.  I showed her how to use the camera and let her take rein.  Compositionally the photos she took was awesome! When she had questions she asked and it reinforced my understanding of the craft while helping someone else learn something new.

That is all for today and hopefully you guys got some inspiration from this to go out and shoot and share your knowledge with others!

See you guys next time!

Not sure what to post about....SO I'll talk about my Cameras

So I guess I'll start out this blog with what cameras I use.  I started out with Canon 7D and the 50mm 1.4, the kit lens 28-135mm, and 10-22mm.  I was very satisfied with using all three for portraits, landscape, and everything in between.  It was then the Mark I version and not the Mark II.  I've used it for couple years and got some great photos.  

I got super into photography and found myself looking into film cameras.  Since I started out with Canon I decided to stick with it.  I got great images and lenses were awesome and I was comfortable with its menu system and how I used it. I went on Craigslist and looked for film cameras.  At the time it was about 2010? 2011? I'm not 100% sure on it but I found a Canon AE-1 Program with a 50mm 1.8 Lens that had a flash and other accessories for about $50.00. I thought it was a great deal and purchased it.  Now I looked online on how to use the camera and so forth but didn't really get into it until this past 2 years.  

In the mean time I upgraded my 7D to the 80D due to me wanting to go into video and photo.  The 80D has great autofocus capabilities and it basically was a nice upgrade for me on the 7D Mk I.  So currently I have 2 cameras besides my phone.  The Canon 80D and the Canon AE-1 Program.  Both I LOVE to use and on my trip to Korea this past April 2017 I almost exclusively used my film camera to take photos.  Images on it came out surprisingly well since I am still new to using film.  I used the Kodak TX 400, Kodak Gold 400, and Fuji Color 400.  The Kodak Gold and Fuji Color was cheap and I didn't want to spend too much on film so I got those.  The Kodak TX 400 is black and white film and got that recommendation from a friend who shoots great film photos.  You can check his work on @Jovellyism and @jovell.

On the way to Ewha University with Fuji Color 400

On the way to Ewha University with Fuji Color 400

Daejeon Institute of Science and Technology Fuji Color 400

Daejeon Institute of Science and Technology Fuji Color 400

Statue of Peace in front of Japanese Embassy Kodak TX400

Statue of Peace in front of Japanese Embassy Kodak TX400

I got GREAT shots on these rolls of film and made you appreciate and actually think about what kind of shots you wanted to take since there is a limited amount of photos you take with each roll.  With that I would recommend anyone who wants to start out to get some cheap digital camera to learn the mechanisms of taking a photo and just shoot away.  Then goto a film camera and learn it almost in a Zen state of thinking.  It is also very nice to when you get your photos developed to see what came out well and what didn't.  Almost like a Christmas present to yourself. Haha.

So yea. Those are my cameras I use and not really much on anything else.  I'll come up with stuff to post on my blog and just so you guys know, there isn't a schedule/route I'm taking this blog.  Just whatever comes to mind about my life and photography will be posted.  Maybe I'll post some tips and tricks and news worthy stuff down the line but thats something in the future and we aren't there yet.

Have fun shooting and see you guys later!

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