Mini Cooper Car Meet Up

Hey Guys,

It's summer and that means lots of outdoor stuff.  I've been pretty busy with client work and finally got time to get some free time and went to this car meet up that my friend told me about.  Met some dope people, saw some really cool cars, and obviously saw my friends.  Any who, here is the video that I made from the meet up and hopefully you guys like it!


What's UP guys!

It's December and you know what that means! Well...people who follow Youtube will mainly know.

IT'S VLOGMAS! That means every day till Christmas a vlog will be out.  I'm back at it again going head first and wanting this to be my momentum to keep on vlogging. Any who go check out my vlog and ALSO big shout out to Will Ingram for his Official First Friday @ Heart of the City and also saw Steven Cornfield doing a pop up shop for his brand Cut & Caliber.  If you need any hair product and such go check out their website!

Back on the Blogging/Vlogging Game!

Hey guys!

Hope everything is going well with you all! Been busy with work and a good friend of mine from WAY BACK WHEN! is back in town and never really explored Alaska!

So I thought we would go to a nice little spot and check it out.  I hoped it would be a nice sunny day but ended up being a rainy hike which was also fun anyways!

Check out the little video and hope to see you in the next post!

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