New Laptop? PC or Mac...what to Choose

So I've had my 17in Mac since 2012ish.  It is already 3 OS behind and initially came out with OS 10.7 (OS Lion) and currently in 10.13 (High Sierra).  I'm to the point where a lot of the upgrades will not be comparable with my current Mac and the so far video rendering/photo editing is somewhat lagging.  My 17in Mac has a AMD Radeon HD6770M 1GB Graphics Card and I upgraded the HDD to a 1TB SSD and it has 16GB of RAM.  Everything else it works AWESOME.  I was very content with the user friendly interface and how it links very well with my iPhone.  But due to the AMD graphics card and mainly using Adobe software; I need to upgrade my work horse.  

17in MBP discontinued 2012

17in MBP discontinued 2012

A lot of people will say that instead of putting money into a laptop I should get a desktop.  The workflow I have, I prioritize portability.  Plus I do not have space or want to use a desktop tower.  I could spend the same amount of money to get duel cheap graphics cards a SSD for the OS and a fast HDD, 32GB of decent ram and a decent i7 processor.  BUT I can't use it anywhere when I'm traveling and want to do same day edits.  Plus I've been used to being on laptops for editing and very comfortable with it for the travel convience and use.  From my last travel to Korea and able to use my laptop to edit videos/photos same day so I didn't have GIGABYTES of photos to edit at the end of my trip back home was awesome.

Thus my search started for a new laptop.  Since I will be continuing to use Adobe Software, I 100% need to find a laptop with NVIDIA graphics card. Preferably 1050ti or 1060.  Also to get a change of pace I was wanting to search or a PC.  I will still use my Mac as a backup since it has the Adobe CS6.  

So far from my search of potential work horse.  Main brands that came to mind was ASUS, MSI, RAZER, and Dell.  I've always been a fan for ASUS since that was my first gaming laptop during college.  I had the 2nd generation of the G7 which was an awesome computer but just had cooling issues.  

Obviously $$ is a consideration and anything between the 900-1500 dollar range would be good for me for the next 3-5 years.  2nd thing would be screen quality for photo/video editing due to the nature of my business.  3rd would be usability of the system like the keyboard and mouse and speakers and such.  

First pick ended up being the ASUS ROG STRIX 15.6-inch priced at $1200.00 (Referb)

It has NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB.  Intel i7-6700HQ Processor.  1TB HDD.

This was a strong contender due to size, price and specs of the entire system.  However, the screen quality is not the greatest.  The contrast is good but for content creators when color correcting images and videos it isn't the greatest.

Next is the ASUS FX502VM-AS73 Priced at $1,151.73 on Amazon New.

This has the same points as above for me. Great graphics card (GTX 1060 3GB), Intel i7-7700 (Somewhat better CPU, almost negligible to most people), Fast SSD 128GB and 1TB HDD, 16GB of RAM.  This has the same issues with the previous laptop. The screen quality for video/photo editing is not that great.  This also has a better battery life due to the no DVD drive providing more space for batteries. However, I still have clients that want CDs of their photos and such which needs me to have that disc drive.  But, I can just transfer it via USB to my Mac and burn a DVD/CD; that neither here or there.


Another is Alienware AW15R3-0012SLV Laptop Priced at $1056.20

This again has a GTX 1060 Graphics Card BUT instead of 3GB it is 6GB graphics card.  Downside for is that it has a i5 processor instead of i7 and 8GB of RAM instead of 16.  No SSD and has a 1TB HDD. Downside of this computer is the processor and and half the ram initially.  Also from the reviews the cooling isn't that great and gets "comfortably warm" which isn't great when your using the laptop for long periods of time.  

Next is the MSI GE62VR Apache 15.6-inch Priced at $1,499.00.

This one has like the previous ones a GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Card. 16GB of RAM and Intel i7-7700 CPU. 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD.  BUT the screen on this has the most color accurate out of all the ones I have mentioned above. 

And as you have guessed by the end of this blog, I have chosen the MSI due to screen quality of the laptop.  It is significantly more important to me personally due to the nature of what I do to have color accurate edits.  The battery life isn't that great but from how I use my computer I'm used to keeping my laptop plugged in and trying to find a outlet isn't that hard especially now a days.  Another plus on this computer is the SD Card Slot to get media off my camera instead of using a USB port.  

I have ordered it form Amazon so I will give a quick review after I start using my new Laptop and see how I like it.  If I don't then I will be returning it back to Amazon and trying to another one.  But hopefully I have made the right choice and if you want a better in depth review of this you can watch it HERE.

Hope you guys find this useful on your next purchase of laptops!

See you guys in the next post!

New Mac Line Up

I've been an Apple user for quite a bit.  I am currently still using my 17in MBP and I upgraded the hard drive to a SSD (Solid State Drive 1TB) and it has done wonders.  It runs so much faster than a regular HDD and the price point for the SSDs have come down significantly. It used to be about a dollar a Gigabyte but now one fourth of the price.  Currently a Sandisk 1TB SSD is about 260, here is a link if anyone is interested. LINK 

My MBP is about 5 years? maybe a little longer.  It seems old for tech but it does the job just fine and I maybe looking into getting a 15in fully loaded so that I can utilize the newer Adobe Creative Cloud since I am still on CS6.  Thankfully Apple just came out with new news on their Mac Line up for 2017/2018.  Everyone who bought a new MBP last Nov is basically screwed since the ones coming out will have the new Kaby Lake Processors.  Link here if your interested in the processor specs. But if your not interested in more reading here's the scoop.  Better Processor = Better Performance = Faster Rendering.  This is key for a lot of the creatives out there now doing run and gun style shooting and now with a lot of cameras like the GH5 doing 4K with INSANE SLOW MO capabilities. Also not to forget the SONY line up like the a7s II. These new cameras are pushing computers to handle bigger files and more information. So processors are key. Another note is the utilization of 360/VR videos which take up an INSANE amount of photos to make those images possible.  

The new iMacs are coming out this 2017/2018 will ALL have 4K monitors and will be powerful enough to handle VR.  Those 2 factors pushed Apple to go with the new processors and finally follow the crowd.  This way you can watch all the shows you have in 4K look perfect or even when streaming so your computer can handle the data.

Me...I'll stick with my MBP 17in until it dies and/or I am forced to get a new one. It does the job and I really don't need much.  I don't have the need for 4K video since everything on the internet is compressed that unless you have a SUPER FAST internet connection and your monitor is 4K and your shooting 4K.  Anyways that is my spiel for today.  If you want to read up more on the new news on Apple.  Gizmodo is a nice place to get that. LINK

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