Net Neutrality....We have to keep our rights.

SOOOOOOOOOO there's this thing called Net Neutrality in the USA. This legislation is currently in effect right now.  This is allowing the Internet Service Provider Companies to allow us the customers to preserve the right to communicate via online freely.  Currently by law the internet is considered a utility.  If you think about how much we use the internet for in this day and age, we USE IT FOR EVERYTHING.  Right now the internet service providers are forced to provide us with a open network instead of charging us for every little bit and pieces. 

Basically if you think of the internet like a highway, you have the slow lane and fast lane.  If the "RESTORING THE INTERNET FREEDOM" law passes then you will be charged for going into the fast lane.  BUT with that there is a catch, even if you pay more to go into the fast lane, if the ISP (Internet Service Providers) will block certain app if that company does not like it. 

IE Comcast prefers Hulu and does not prefer Netflix since Comcast has money in Hulu.  Comcast can intentionally slow down Netflix and put in preferential treatment to Hulu, unless you pay more to obtain "better bandwidth" to allow that site to work.  

We already had won the previous Net Neutrality legislation to keep the internet on how it is right now.  For more information HERE IS A LINK.

Here is some more videos on the issue.  We need to get this Legislation to NOT GET PASSED.


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