More from this Weekend!

Man its been a crazy last couple days! Lots of shooting and more future shooting scheduled out!

This past Sunday I went out to Alaska Raceway Park to go see Alaska Honday Day.  Got invited out by ATC to come and shoot some video.  I'm ALWAYS down for a event ATC puts out. Shout out to Stay Fresh Crew for giving me a little sneak of what happens during these events.

Anyways just a real short blog today. My work schedule is all sorts of crazy. Working starting at 3-4AM till whatever time I finish projects.  Talking with clients.  Trying to fit in times to take photos for dope hikes. It keeps me busy but I love it.  Not everyone can do it but it works for me.  I like what I do which makes it better.  

Here is the video on my FB page if you want to go see of Alaska Honda Day 2017.


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